No matter your duties within your organization, security is everyone’s



Increasing your security posture by adding armed guards, dogs or alarm systems means that you are willing to invest in “At Bang” thinking.


In other words, you are not attempting to mitigate danger, you are trying to manage it.

You are not trying to identify weaknesses in your infrastructure, you are merely hoping that the semblance of security will act as adequate prevention.


Increasing your security posture by training and educating your front-line personnel is an investment in danger prediction, prevention, and mitigation.


That’s true Left-of-Bang thinking!


Prevent Pre-Event

Humans were specifically designed to be able to react to threat arousal triggers hidden in their environment. Time, socialization, globalization, advances in electronic communication, and the diminished length of direct or indirect human contact and interaction have retarded these essential abilities.


We have cognitively ‘devolved’ our survival, safety and security sensors. 


At Arcadia Cognerati LLC, we believe that your personal security is your personal responsibility. We also believe that human problems require human solutions and that every person has the innate ability to predict danger in their environment. By investing time and resources into our Human Capital, we can make the world a safer place for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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