Our unique hegemony and dynamic, proprietary pedagogy create training programs that change behavior. Our human behavior-based threat prediction courses teach Advanced Critical Thinking (ACT). This creates and engenders a high-speed legal, moral & ethical decision-making architecture within your personnel that is certain to fit and improve your existing protocols and procedures.


Even though the training is designed to predict, detect and mitigate dangerous or deadly encounters - this essential training improves human performance and communication. It affects the relationships with your peers and your clients and immediately improves customer satisfaction.



The simple fact is that almost no one wants to hurt you and that you will likely never encounter a ‘life and death’ attack situation at work or at home. That said, you are much more likely to become injured during a domestic violence situation at home or at your place of business. Violence is a language – and people under extreme stress, certain rare, untreated mental illnesses are prone to moments of rage and intense violence. Criminals and terrorist sometimes use violence to tell a story or get their way. With the Arcadia Cognerati LLC Cognitive Edge – you can predict and prevent these serious, dangerous and deadly encounters.


Preventing a deadly encounter requires you to be able to read the people in an environment, their behavior cues and the context and relevance of those observations against the baseline within which they are occurring. Those factors alone will lead a trained observer to be safer, smarter, faster and harder to kill. 


Arcadia’s team of experts and advisors builds bespoke platforms and training solutions to meet the needs of today’s rigorous, fidelity filled environments and our instructors have trained personnel from every Tier One military force in the United States and much of the world. Our hand selected cadre has trained the DEA, FBI, ATF, CIA, DIA, the US Department of Homeland Security, US Border Patrol as well as numerous private and public organizations throughout the United States. Let us provide the training to increase your facilities security posture and that of your most prized possessions – your employees and your clients. They are the true human capital that lie in the balance.


The overall goal of our risk management plan would be to create an enhanced state of security and resilience through the implementation of advanced critical thinking, situational awareness and simple, focused risk management activities within and across your organization. This will allow your personnel the ability to create and support risk-informed sense-making, problem solving and decision-making for current or future operations. The result will be a more confident, competent employee which creates a safety and security culture within your organization. .

Examples of training course that we can provide your organization:

  • Predictive analysis and prevention of Workplace Violence

  • Advanced, enhanced optics and observation, Remote Camera surveillance operations

  • Predictive analysis and prevention of Insider Threats.

  • Infrastructure assessment, Target Hardening, Secure facility protection 

  • Personal and Family security (home or travel).

  • Job Interviews, performance reviews and deception detection for the boardroom or the lunchroom.

  • Corporate and Transportation Security 

  • Covert and Overt Surveillance/Counter surveillance operations

  • Retail Loss Prevention



At Arcadia Cognerati, we know that human interaction is a key component to creating realistic, workplace-based training. Our instructors are expert storytellers, constantly demonstrating the ‘expert model’, showing the students “what right looks like”. 


We understand that the costs associated with in-person training from a highly specialized team may not be out of reach for some clients. Our webinar based programs are a perfect fit for smaller organizations that still want to invest in their personal safety and security. Our webinar series is custom built for your organization based on your specific needs.


Scheduling your employees for additional training can be difficult. They already have a busy work schedule and time isn’t free. To accommodate this issue, Arcadia can provide you with pre-recorded training programs that you and your employees can view at their convenience. We also make is easy for your HR personnel or training manager to track who has completed the training and when and how often an employee reviews the material.

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