Our programs have a wide range of applications in the Military, Law Enforcement and Security communities. 
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Prevent Pre-Event

Our unique training has conventional, unconventional & irregular warfare applications. Human Behavior-based threat prediction and analysis is applicable across all spectrums of warfare and stability operations.


An over-reliance on technology coupled with our lack of face-to-face human interaction have eroded our innate ability to “read” the human landscape and assess human behavior in order to predict likely outcomes. This problem is especially apparent in younger generations.


Our scientifically vetted and battlefield proven training will give your unit the Cognitive Edge that is applicable to any mission or operating environment.


Training changes behavior. This training makes people smarter, deadlier and harder to kill! In addition to Human Behavior-based threat detection and assessment, each contains these essential force multipliers.


Tactical Observation training

The increase in cognitive acumen coupled with an increase in human performance allows operators to hone their critical observations and perceptions no matter the mission set. Course attendees learn how to become highly trained observers, developing a clear operational picture of potential threats within their area of responsibility. They learn to understand the difference between threatening and non-threatening behavior in real time and the ability to act as a more competent and cognitively mature observer; now able to articulate those actions and behaviors that inform their reasonable conclusions.

Artifacts and evidence with which to form reasonable conclusions 

In addition to Human Behavior-based threat prediction, course attendees learn how to read ‘non-obvious trends’ and ‘pocket lint’ in order to create useful patterns and predict likely future behavior. The Universal nature of Arcadia’s training and education programs make them applicable worldwide – immediately applicable to any language, culture or geography.

Notifications and Reports

While course attendees are beholden to use their unit SOP’s to guide them regarding how, when, and what to report; this essential cognition-based training gives them the ability to use a common legal, ethical and scientific lexicon in order to articulate artifacts and evidence that led them to their conclusion that a threat is likely or unlikely. This ability is essential both pre and post-event to allow your personnel to prepare better reports and give more robust and granularity filled observations for unit commanders.

Taking Decisive & Defensible Action

While an operator’s subsequent actions would be based on unit SOP’s, ROE’s and PID; this unique training gives them the additional ability to articulate the NEED for the action chosen based on tangible, articulable artifacts and evidence supporting the most likely (ML) and most dangerous courses of action (MDCOA). Unit commanders, intelligence analysts and operations center personnel will benefit from the understanding of how artifacts and evidence transmitted from observation elements will now coalesce into a common operational picture offering them the ability to make better determinations on which resources to allocate to initial reports and during deliberate action situations.

The Big Three

In addition to Human Behavior-based threat prediction, we address prevention and protection against the ‘big three’ threats in our Military Training offerings. 



Insider Threats

Gain the Cognitive Edge on the battlefield!


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“This is exactly what the Army tries to get at when they talk about ‘every soldier a sensor.’ Everyone in the security business can benefit from this training. Cannot overstate the value. Personal isolation, foreign countries, deployments to dangerous areas that are not combat zones set the stage for failure, especially among experienced/senior guys who thing we got it on lock down. Their classroom manner was outstanding. Teamwork, technical skill, professionalism, knowledge and ability to explain were all excellent. I took a lot of notes. Thanks a lot, you reignited my dormant and neglected interest in this skill.”

U.S. Army Intel Officer


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