“Health care workplace violence is an underreported, ubiquitios, and persistent problem that has been tolerated and largely ignored.” 

 Dr James Phillips, leading researcher on workplace violence in health care. 


"Nearly 75% of all workplace assaults in the U.S. happen in the health care industry." 

-Workplace Violence Against Health Care Workers in the United States” New England Journal of Medicine 

April 18, 2016. 

Below are just a few examples of where these issues affect your organization.


 The very people that you are trying to care for can be the greatest threat to your staff:

80% of worker injuries that result in days away from work are caused by patients. The situations where patients hurt employees can be prevented with predictive analysis training coupled with simple, intuitive psychological disarming techniques. 


 The problem is likely much worse than the statistics show:

According to studies, only 30% of nurses and 26% of physicians actually report incidents. The lack of reporting may have to do with the inability to effectively communicate a threat, before it becomes an attack. Our science based lexicon will give your employees the ability to effectively articulate what they observe so that you can ACT prior to an event happening. 

Organizational Process

Inefficient processes and long wait times that irritate patients and customers. Out-of-date or nonexistent security cameras, lighting, call bells and other equipment. These issues can be resolved with a basic vulnerability assessment that we can provide or even train YOUR employees to provide.



Overstressed criminal justice and community mental health systems cause overflow to healthcare providers. When your facility and your employees are overwhelmed, poor decisions are made and bad things can happen. Our courses develop resilience by increasing cognitive human performance that allow individuals to make better decisions under stress.


Have you done everything you can to keep your employees, customers, and patients safe?


We teach Advanced Critical Thinking (ACT) in order to foster and create high-speed legal, moral, and ethical decision making. Our proprietary methodology and unique pedagogy will fit any existing protocols and procedures at your organization. 

We “train the brain” to read a baseline and proactively hunt for anomalies in your environment. Our scientifically validated programs have been proven to give your employee the cognitive tools necessary to read and predict human behavior. 

Our training “unlocks” your employees innate cognitive ability to sense danger in their environment so that they can implement psychological de-escalation strategies, and actually prevent acts of violence.

Our training provides your employees with a science-based lexicon to use when articulating troubling behavior. This gives them a greater level of competence and confidence which will lead to an increase in the amount, and fidelity of incident reporting.

We provide custom tailored programs for different employee categories (Tactical, Operational, Strategic). Our training creates an overlapping network of human “sensors” to cover the seams and gaps in your organization. Our program creates a culture of awareness that emphasizes a bias for action!  

Our training gives people the confidence and the courage to make the right decision at the right time for the right reasons!


We custom build training and education programs based on the needs, deficiencies, capabilities and mission of your organization.
Our relationship doesn't end when the training is over. Our digital services subscription come with updates, newsletters, podcasts and live webinars where we answer your specific questions.


At Arcadia Cognerati, we know that human interaction is the key component to creating realistic, workplace-based training. Our instructors are expert storytellers, constantly demonstrating the ‘expert model’, showing the students “what right looks like”. 


We understand that the costs associated with in-person training from a highly specialized team may not be for everyone. Our webinar based programs are a perfect fit for smaller organizations that still want to invest in their personal safety and security. Our webinar series is custom built for your organization based on your specific needs.


Scheduling your employees for training can be difficult when they already have a busy work schedule. To accommodate this issue, we can provide you with pre-recorded training programs that you and your employees can view when it is convenient for them.



Arcadia Cognerati, LLC is affiliated with Top Decile Solutions. 

Top Decile Solutions is comprised of five principal members whose diversified health care experience span several decades. These industry experts have successfully developed and administered programs in all sectors of the health care industry in for and non-profit settings to over hundreds of clients and employers. Top Decile's strategic objective is to identify opportunities that allow affiliates to create business relationships.


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