"We need to Harden Our Schools, Soften Our Hearts, and Open Our Eyes." 

-Greg Williams



One of worst types of attacks that can happen is called an Insider Threat attack. This is when a fellow schoolmate, co-worker, family member, parishioner or member of your community inflicts harm on you or your loved ones.


Whether it's a child who brings a weapon to school, a coach that takes advantage of a student, or a family member that harms someone else or themselves, all of these attacks are devastating.

Fortunately, with the right training, these attacks are preventable.


Our proprietary methodology coupled with our dynamic and exciting delivery method is the only program proven to work.

We train people how to proactively look for anomalies in their environment and quickly determine whether or not it is a significant observation. Whether you're looking to protect yourself, your family or your community, this intuitive skillset can be used in any encounter you have with another human being. 

We make people smarter, stronger, faster and harder to kill!


Pre-Event Indicators to Arapahoe High School Shooting December 13th, 2013

Below is a timeline of events starting on the left in 2003 and ending on the right with "bang" in 2013. 

When it's all laid out in front of you it doesn't take an expert to see that all the pre-event indicators were there.


Unfortunately, it's easy for humans to miss them... especially if you're not trained to look for them!


At Arcadia Cognerati, we are the leading experts in identifying pre-event indicators so that people can prevent these attacks from occurring.


Here's what teacher's and administrators are saying about our training:

"I have over 20 years of experience and I think we need to get all admin trained in this. Excellent use of attention getters and the audience was focused. Perfect reviews of the important information at the end of each learning segment. All of the teachers in our district need this training."

Assistant Principal


We custom build training and education programs based on the needs, deficiencies, and capabilities of your organization.
Our relationship doesn't end when the training is over. Our digital services subscription come with updates, newsletters, podcasts and live webinars where we answer your specific questions.


At Arcadia Cognerati, we know that human interaction is the key component to creating realistic, workplace-based training. Our instructors are expert storytellers, constantly demonstrating the ‘expert model’, showing the students “what right looks like”. 


We understand that the costs associated with in-person training from a highly specialized team may not be for everyone. Our webinar based programs are a perfect fit for smaller organizations that still want to invest in their personal safety and security. Our webinar series is custom built for your organization based on your specific needs.


Scheduling your employees for additional training can be difficult. They already have a busy work schedule and time isn’t free. To accommodate this issue, Arcadia can provide you with pre-recorded training programs that you and your employees can view at their convenience. We also make is easy for your HR personnel or training manager to track who has completed the training and when and how often an employee reviews the material..

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