Greg Williams

Prevent Pre-Event

Almost no one in the world wants to kill you or do you harm. But when they do, there are always pre-event indicators prior to an incident, attack, or assault.

These indicators are observable, detectable, measurable, and predictable. That means you can predict danger if you can read these pre-event cues and clusters. 

You can prevent dangerous encounters and situations by observing human behavior and comparing the interaction of humans within any environment.


Simply put... "Training Changes Behaviors!" 

  • All people, regardless of race, creed, or color give off detectable and measurable "signals."

  • Trained personnel can "read" these signals as anomalies in real time, without expensive equipment. 

  • Trained personnel can then compare these pre-event indications against the context and relevance of the societal or environmental baseline, and with that crucial information, determine which observations or perceptions warrant immediate action.

  • Trained personnel can adopt this intuitive skillset to conduct proactive assessment and predictive analysis in order to mitigate a threat, rather than manage a crisis.

Learn how you can PREVENT PRE-EVENT the next attack! 

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